Baby Teething Symptoms – When do Baby Start Teething

Baby Teething Age – When Do Baby Start Teething

Teething is the sequential appearance of baby teeth that was formed inside the jaws and under the gums before the baby is born. Usually by about 6 months old your baby will be getting the first of the 20 milk teeth. Baby teething will continue until your baby is about 3 years old.

Also, in some babies, the first tooth can appear as early as when the infant are 3 months old and in others the first tooth doesn’t appear until the baby is a full year old.

Infant Teething Symptom – Sign of Teething

Signs of baby teething vary from baby to baby. Usually, baby begins to show signs of teething a few months before the first tooth appear. Baby teething can cause a slight loss of appetite, restlessness, irritability, grumpiness, and drooling.

Baby teething may also cause low-grade fever and diarrhea. The gums may become sore, tender, and swollen.  Sometimes, the gums around the emerging tooth may appear blue.

Easing Infant Teething Pain – Baby Teething Ring

You can help to ease your baby teething pain by giving her a teething ring. The best teething rings are either soft plastic or liquid-filled rings. Some teething rings can be frozen to provide your baby with more numbing comfort.

Also, the increase in the production of saliva may cause drooling. Drooling can cause rash on your baby’s face and chest. To minimize rashes, keep your baby’s face dry, use bibs, and change wet clothing often.



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