Bourtzi is the ascent of the city, overlooking the harbor. During the past a Venetian Fort was standing here. In 1970 refugees from the Lake of Evia came to the area.

The house in which Papadiamantis spent his childhood is near the harbor. Nowadays it is a museum. Some of the exhibitions are his personal belongings such as his chest and his bed as well as his cartridge, photos and biographies. The museum is open every day, morning and afternoon.

In the Municipal Pavilion of the southern beach of town, which is open daily from 8-10 pm, a folklore exhibit takes place with traditional objects and textiles. In the same area you can taste traditional sweets.

Two small arsenals, in a short distance of the port. There are built boats, fishing boats and small sailing boats.

The Monastery of Annunciation, a well-fortified monastery, designed to withstand the pirate attacks. It was founded in 1704 by monks of Mount Athos. The church has an impressive carved iconostasis and frescoes from 1822. The monastery has helped financially and dynamically during the revolution of 1821. It was the hideout of the chieftain Kotsara. In the small museum inside the monastery you will see post-Byzantine icons, sacred vessels, vestments, weapons, and glass and porcelain items. The monastery also has an important library with manuscripts and preserved texts of folklore interest.

The monastery of Agios Charalambos, where retired shortly before his death, the novelist Alexander Moraitidis.

The Monastery of Panagia Kounistra, about 9 km away, an abandoned monastery of 17th century, built on a flat area. There are numerous legends about the icon of Virgin Mary that was found in the monastery; the monastery itself is called Iconistria (“Appeared on an icon”) because of the painting that was found, and “Clonistria” because the Virgin Mary appears to “float”. The church has frescoes that date back to the 18th century and a wooden temple. Panagia Kounistra is the patron of Skiathos, and it is celebrated with a lively feast on November 21, in which every resident participates. You can reach the monastery by taxi while the travel agencies organize trips during the summer months.

The Monastery of Kechria, 8 km away northwest, embraced by an olive grove. It was built in 1540 and renovated in 1738. Nowadays it is closed and ruined – such as many other monasteries – , and overlooks the sea on the side of Mount Pelios. You can reach it by taxi.

The Castle; the old capital of the island, built in a natural fortified location in the northern coast. It was abandoned after 1829, when the islanders built the present capital of the island. Among the ruins there are now three churches: of Christ in the castle, of Agia Marina and Agios Nikolaos. The castle is three hours away on foot from the capital or one hour by boat.

The rock “Tripia Petra”, the Blue Cave in Lalaria and the cave of “Fonissa” near the cape of Kefalas.

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