Caravan awning skirts

Every caravan with an awning to give you extra space on the outside is in dire need of a caravan awning skirt. A caravan awning skirt hangs under the caravan and protects the awning from a great many factors, especially draughts. Skirts are installed after pegging the corners of the awnings by sliding in the skirt along the channel at the bottom of the caravan, after which the rest of the awning pegs are placed. If skirts are not used along with awnings, a draught can cause significant damage by dislodging and toppling items kept under the awning and also allow dust, insects and leaves to enter the awning easily.

Apart from draughts, caravan awning skirts also protect your awning from any animals or rodents that might be living around the area. While they may not be very harmful they can cause sufficient havoc should they enter your awning or caravan. Caravan awning skirts are usually sold by the meter and are made from material that is strong enough to sustain wind, animals and water. It acts to protect your pegs and carpets in the awning from various factors. There is a great collection of caravan awning skirts at and we assure you that the quality of the products here is impeccable.

Caravan awning skirts come in various sizes, especially as far as the width is concerned. You will need to judge the height of your caravan before deciding on a skirt to ensure that you are fully protected. Our collection of awning skirts ensures that all your needs will be taken care of. Please go through all the various products and make the decision regarding buying an awning skirt when you feel you have found something that is exactly what you are looking for.

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