Rio long term apartment rentals.

01 — What is the difference between the Standard and Luxury apartment categories?
The difference between the Luxury and Standard categories of apartments lies essentially in the condition of the building, modernization, furniture, equipment and general comfort in the accommodation, irrespective of the distance from the beach.

02 — What are the characteristics of the Studio, One-bedroom, Two-bedrooms, Three-bedrooms and Four-bedrooms apartments?
Studio apartments normally have one double bed, and sometimes an additional sofa bed for one person. Accommodation is ideal for 1, 2, up to 3 people at most, depending on the specifications and square meters.

One-bedroom apartments: Normally these are slightly larger than the studio apartments with a dividing wall between the bedroom and living accommodation. One-bedroom apartments can comfortably accommodate two to four people, as they normally have a double bed in the bedroom and a sofa bed for one or two more people in the living room.

There are also some apartments that have one bedroom and an additional small bedroom cum living room, which normally has a single bed.

Two-bedrooms apartments: These apartments have one double bed in each of the two bedrooms and an additional sofa bed in the living room. Other apartments in this category sometimes have one double bed in the first bedroom, two single beds in the second bedroom and a sofa bed in the living room. These apartments accommodate between 4, 5 and 6 people at most.

Three-bedrooms apartments: These are usually very comfortable apartments with large rooms. They normally feature a double bed in the first bedroom and varying arrangements in the other bedrooms, which sometimes have two single beds in the second bedroom and a further two single beds in the third bedroom, though this may vary from one apartment to another.

Four-bedrooms apartments: These are ideally suited for families who need considerable space and accommodation. They normally feature a double bed in the first bedroom with one further double bed or two single beds in each of the other bedrooms, or sometimes sofa beds depending on the specific layout and furnishing.

PS: The exact layout of the accommodation is to be found in the description of each apartment.

03 – Are apartments equipped with wall safes for valuables? Do the apartments have 24-hour doorman service?
Our apartments are not equipped with safes. It is not standard practice for apartments to be equipped with safes in Brazil. Our apartments are situated in buildings with 24-hour doorman service and have intercom service or electronic door opening mechanisms such that visitors can call up and be granted or denied access by the tenant.

IMPORTANT: Installation of a safe in an apartment is optional. Should the client wish to contract this additional service, a fee of R$ 320,00 or US$ 120,00 will be charged in advance. After tenants have vacated the apartments, they may not remove the safe from where it was installed and further undertake to return the keys to Copacabana Holiday.

04 — What are the rental charges for our apartments?
The charges for our apartments vary in accordance with:
� The size of the apartment.
� The category of apartment, i.e. Standard or Luxury.
� Square meters.
� If equipped with air conditioning or not.
� With or without a good view.
� Number of bedrooms.
� Number of people.
� Number of days (the longer the period, the lower the price).
� High or low season.
� If rented during New Year’s Eve or Carnival.

Therefore, to obtain precise information on exact rental charges, we suggest you kindly fill out the form posted on: � Booking information, and we will answer all your questions as soon as possible.

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