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Rhonda is a breath of fresh air! She is creative and unique and gifted in many ways.  She came in with spiritual gifts in this life, and I have known her for several years and watched as she steps into her own power with these and moves forward on her spiritual path.  She offers wonderful, unique healings and readings. She is intuitive, a clairvoyant, a mystic, a healer, a medical intuitive, and more; all of these are part of the healings and readings she does.  You will be surprised and amazed at the depth to her readings and how she reads your energy.  Rhonda is full of magic and joy and wonder of life, and all these awesome part of her come forward and into her readings.  You will get to know yourself better through Rhonda’s readings and I highly recommend them to anyone.
Suzanne Roloff, Theta Healing Master Teacher

I have been working with Rhonda now for the last few months and I can honestly say she has changed my life in a big way. When I came to Rhonda I had gained some knowledge from another intuitive but was having trouble getting the further help I needed and was a bit of a mess. Rhonda took the time to not only help me back on my feet but soar much further than I had anticipated.

She’s the type who doesn’t settle on giving you the information because she would much rather teach you how to find the information within yourself.  It’s like the quote by Lao Tzu “Give a man a fish, feed him for a day.  Teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime.”  She truly cares about your well being and making sure when you’re comfortable during and especially after the work is done which is what makes her so great.

She truly has become my mentor. I am sincerely grateful to have found her and if you’re ready to have positive changes in your life you will be too. Rhonda you amaze me and thank you so much for everything you’ve done for and with me!
Nicole Prestwood
Citus Heights, California


Rhonda is amazing!  She has a clear connection to Source and personal standards that bring forth only what is in the highest and best good for her clients.  If you are looking for a healing session, a energy reading, a card reading or to take courses from her, you are in for a treat.  You never know what will come through for you, but be assured that Rhonda will always allow the highest vibrating Beings to come forth with their message to either confirm or reveal to you something you need to know that is in your highest and best good.  Her readings are always a love filled blessing.  I would recommend Rhonda to anyone, from beginner to advanced seeker of knowledge and Sprit.  She’ll knock your socks off!
Brenda Mercado Roquet  Walla Walla, Washington

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