Songwriters in the new millenium press release (musicdish)

Songwriters in the New Millenium Press Release (MusicDish)
“Songwriters in the New Millennium” is a report series basedon an online survey conducted this past spring of songwriters on their perceptions of the organizations and activities that have traditionally supported them. The reports feature contributions by leading members of the community who have dedicated their careers to working with songwriters and the craft.

Free Adobe PDF Report Downloads. Includes:

(1) “Changing Expectations & Realities,”
(2) “Charting a Career Path,”
(3) “Songwriter Survey Results”


The authors of the report discuss songwriters’ engagement with, perceptions and expectations of the music industry and the implications for organizations serving songwriters and the community. Contributing authors include:

* Gilli Aliotti, President Songsalive!
* Rick Beresford, President Song Righter Services
* Barbara Cloyd, Founder Ready for the Row
* Kim Copeland/Susan Tucker, Journey Publishing/Sage House Music
* Janet Fisher, Goodnight Kiss Music/Scene Stealer Music Publishing
* Jim Melko, Nashville Songwriters Association International
* Mark Schulz, Philadelphia Chapter of the Recording Arts and Sciences
* Gary Talley, Author Guitar Playing For Songwriters


The authors of the report use the survey to identify what songwriters are and are not doing to further their career and discuss important points that songwriters should consider when mapping out their career. Contributing authors include:
* Jason Blume, Moondream Music Group/Author 6 Steps to Songwriting Success
* J.W. Johnson, BMI-NYC
* Tonya Rae, Indie’s Guide To Music Success and Contact Info
* Allen Foster, Songwriter’s Monthly Magazine
* David Wimble, Big Meteor Publishing * Dean Kay, ASCAP Board of Directors
* David Mark Thomas, Nashville Songwriters Association International
* Arlon Bennett, Performing Songwriter

Photos anf bios of the essayists will be included on this site in the near future, as will links to the organizations that they represent!
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