Natural astaxanthin can improve the physical health

To improve the physical condition or general symptoms of the disease, every day taking natural astaxanthin one time, every time 5 ~ 20mg, taken within half an hour of meal to after meal. Natural astaxanthin (also known as natural astacin) is a high-ranking intermediate product in carotenoids. Currently, the major natural astaxanthin is mainly extracted from haematococcus pluvialis (currently astaxanthin manufacturer is recognized haematococcus pluvialis as the best plant can extract astaxanthin in nature).
Radicals, particularly reactive oxygen species (are the waste and trash in human body; human suffering 70 kinds of diseases are related to free radicals), can destroy the cell membrane, make the cells loss resistance to bacteria, viruses; can attack the copying gene, thus breaking, eroding human health, even induce cancer. Antioxidants can destroy free radicals and reactive oxygen species; supply antioxidant is the most effective way to eliminate the human body free radicals and reactive oxygen species.
Natural astaxanthin is the fourth generation of anti-oxidants (the first generation is vitamin C, E, etc., the second generation is coenzyme Q10, SOD, etc., the third generation is lutein, anthocyanins, lycopene, β- carotene and the like), is by far one of the super antioxidant that human found in nature, its antioxidant capacity is much stronger than the first generation, second generation, third generation anti-oxidants.
Long-term intake a certain amount of natural astaxanthin can prevent a variety of diseases suffered by people, can effectively improve the symptoms of many diseases that human suffering and can even make physical rehabilitation. According to cosmetic raw material suppliers, natural astaxanthin can clear the free radicals within cells, can enhance cell activity and regeneration capacity, reduce the accumulation of senescent cells, significantly improve the human immune function, can rejuvenate the body’s organs, blood becomes clear, vascular changes from hard to soft, sclerotin changes from loose to strong, and enhance human strength, anti-aging.
Taking natural astaxanthin can prevent high blood pressure, can protect the heart, can neutralize excess lipids and alcohols in the human body, lower bad cholesterol, raise good cholesterol levels, can prevent the human cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and obvious alleviate human cardiovascular disease symptoms. Natural astaxanthin can prevent osteoarthritis, cervical, lumbar and leg disease, can significantly improve bone joints, cervical, lumbar and leg disease symptoms (after taking natural astaxanthin 1-3 months, some diseases part will have obvious pain, but with the improvement of the disease, those pain phenomena will gradually disappear).
Natural astaxanthin can prevent H. pylori infection, can repair gastric and duodenal ulcers; after taking natural astaxanthin 1-3 months, bloating, stomach acid, pantothenic acid, mouth pain, dry mouth and other symptoms can be significantly reduced. Natural astaxanthin for Parkinson’s disease (after taking a month to three months, can eliminate or significantly reduce the Parkinson’s patient leg and foot swelling symptoms, can significantly improve the situation stiff limbs of Parkinson’s patients; taking four months later, the patient’s limb tremor and drooling symptoms can alleviate), Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes and others are curative; in addition, it can also anti-viral, anti-mycoplasma infection.
Natural astaxanthin can reduce the incidence of various cancers; taking adequate doses of natural astaxanthin can significantly inhibit the early stages of chemical-induced carcinogenesis, can significantly improve the rehabilitation status of a variety of cancers (such as lung cancer, breast cancer, oral cancer, stomach cancer, liver cancer, bladder cancer, etc.); in addition, natural astaxanthin can also prevent the carcinogenicity of aflatoxin.

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