Three Types of Hormone Replacement Therapy and Why They Are Needed

Hormone replacement therapy may be needed for a number of reasons. When the body is unable to make hormones like estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone, patients may receive hormone replacement therapy. HRT, as it is commonly called, allows patients to get naturally occurring hormones as a supplement to low hormonal level or as a substitute for female or male hormones. Hormone replacement in Kansas City is not difficult to find, although you must ensure you find a practice that has good client satisfaction rates.

If you’re wondering why hormone replacement therapy is needed, you’ve come to the right place. Read below to understand the three most common types of HRT procedures, and which one you should consider, if needed –

HRT for Menopausal Women

By providing the body with adequate amounts of estrogen and progesterone, the side effects and discomfort associated with menopause may be alleviated. Since natural production of these hormones starts to diminish during menopause, HRT can boost hormone levels. For menopausal relief, bio-identical hormone replacement therapy in Kansas City may also be helpful as it uses naturally derived hormones. Some women also use bio-identical hormone replacement for its anti-aging benefits.

HRT for Transgender People

Typically, with hormone replacement in Kansas City for transgender people, the patient receives the hormones of the gender they identify with, so it would be testosterone for men and estrogen and progesterone for women. However, rudimentary research has suggested that bio-identical progesterone may be beneficial in reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease, as opposed to its synthetic derivative. Testosterone may also be given to women who want to improve their libido post menopause.

HRT for Androgen Replacement

This kind of hormone replacement therapy is particularly beneficial to patients of testicular cancer or disease, since it can help them restore testicular function. Testosterone therapy can also provide anti-aging benefits.

Hormone pellet therapy in Kansas City is a good option for anyone who needs the extra hormonal boost but doesn’t want to pump their body with synthetic hormonal derivatives. However, interested patients must keep in mind that several dosages may be needed to be see kind of positive outcome, and the hormone replacement therapy may be a lifelong process of taking medication.

While most practices work with their patients to keep the costs economical, a lot of medical insurance companies may not cover the cost of bio-identical hormone replacement therapy that hasn’t been approved by a doctor. There has been an increase in patients who take a low dose of female or male hormones because of the youthful benefits they provide, so if this is something you’re interested it, speak with your insurance provider.

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