Poker Players Go Bald – The Ongoing Support For Thuy Doan

PokerRoad is a blog focusing on news about poker. The owner of the blog Thuy Doan is also a professional poker player and she recently announced to her blog that she has cancer. One fresh entry to her blog shows the undying support of her poker colleagues to her situation by shaving their head bald.

She is born in Vietnam and migrated to the US after the war when she’s still a child with her family. Thuy Doan worked hard to finish college in order for her to help her family live a better life. She just finished here undergraduate degree and at the same time she played poker as a professional player.

The news of her sickness was first seen on her blog wherein she have made an entry entitled, “Yup, I’m Gonna Go Bald.” At first, this news was a shock to all her friends online and poker buddies. Here is an excerpt from the blog entry:

“2009 was a year for me to become many things: college graduate, full-time poker player, California resident….Never did I expect to become a cancer fighter.”

She continued, “The biopsy results came back … I have an aggressive soft tissue sarcoma in my upper calf. Thenext step is to get a chest scan to see ifthe cancer has spread. After that is chemo to shrink the tumour, then surgery. If chemo doesn’t work then amputation is a disturbing possibility. Since my health insurance policy is based in Virginia, I will be going back there soon for treatment.”

Thuy Doan is quiet recognized and loved in the poker community. This time the online poker community are throwing their weight behind another good cause by shaving their hair off. As a mark of support and respect some of the online world’s biggest names have taken the clippers to their heads and gone bald. Amongst the players who made the heroic shaved were: Doyle Brunson, Tom “Durrrr” Dwan, Sorel Mizzi and Bertrand “Elky” Grospellier.

The commitment and compassion that she has managed to induce can best be understood by reading an extract from her blog, which highlights her own brave outlook to her condition:

“This is a tough spot but don’t feel bad for me. My life is still great. I have amazing people in it, a profession that I’m passionate about, and the potential for an incredible future. It’s a life worth fighting for and this cancer is just a hurdle. I won’t let it destroy me. I will beat it. Just watch.

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